July 13, 2017
AsianDate reveals the reasons for Chinese women seeking love outside their country.

AsianDate, the online dating service that helps men from all over the world find beautiful and charming Asian women, has shared some interesting details about the love life of Chinese women on their website recently. The dating experts on the portal have been trying to analyze the reasons why more and more Chinese women are looking for compatible partners abroad. They have concluded that urban migration of men, especially from places like Changsha which falls in the Hunan Province, is primarily responsible for the situation.

The relaxation of the harsh anti-migration policies of the previous governments by the last elected regime has seen a further increase in the number of Chinese men migrating from their rural settings to urban destinations. This has resulted in a massive influx of men into China’s booming cities. It is estimated that nearly 44 per cent of Chinese citizens now live in urban areas. The percentage is higher in some areas like the Hunan province. Changsha has also seen a rapid shift of male population towards cities and other developing suburban areas.

“Chinese women are most affected by this migration at an emotional level,” says Lawrence Cervantes, the Chief Communications Officer at AsianDate. “Educated Chinese women, looking for compatible men are suddenly realizing that there aren’t many left because of the large scale migration. This has made them look for their ideal companions abroad through the medium of online dating services like AsianDate.”

AsianDate has been receiving membership requests from an increasing number of beautiful and highly educated Chinese women in recent times. The portal is regarded by single Chinese women as the best resource to find and connect with compatible, successful and caring men from abroad.

Experts believe that urbanization is the future of China, but for some reasons, the rural population is not enjoying the benefits of economic development in the urban areas. Chinese men who want to be a part of this rapid urbanization are rushing to the cities to bring a turnaround in their economic condition. This leaves the Chinese women in rural suburbs with very little options, forcing them to look beyond their boundaries for love and companionship.

AsianDate has been helping Chinese women find their ideal and compatible partners online through their powerful dating features and user-friendly tools. The online dating website is trusted by both men and women for providing a secure and effective dating platform.

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March 22, 2016

AsianDate, the popular online dating service that helps single men connect with beautiful Asian women, has shared some useful tips that can make the first face-to-face meeting with online love a huge success. The portal has helped many members in finding compatible partners online. A good number of them have culminated in successful marriages too.

“We are committed to helping our members find success in their online dating efforts,” says Lawrence Cervantes, the Chief Communications Officer for the dating site. “We have dating experts who offer great tips on various aspects of online dating. AsianDate is proud to be one of the very few online dating services that provide members all the input they need to find compatible partners online and take their relationship to the next level.”

Experts at AsianDate say that almost every individual dating online can feel the jitters when the time comes for a face-to-face meeting with their online partner. The jitters could be due to nervousness, expectations, excitement, or a mix of these and a whole lot of other emotions. While this is an expected reaction, thedating professionals at AsianDate can show you how to pull it off successfully.

Women are generally more nervous than men, when couples plan to meet online after an extended period of online relationship. They are not sure whether the wonderful chemistry they shared online will translate into a great first meeting.

There are a lot of other things which they may be concerned about, such as some strange personal habits, communication ability, showing concern for others, and more, which one may not be able to judge in online relationships, regardless of how long they have known each other.

Going from an online relationship to meeting in person can be an uncharted territory for many online lovers. It can make even the most composed of people utterly nervous from the expectations of the meeting. It is important not to let emotions take the better of you and behave as normally as possible.

Couples must expect the unexpected in many areas while meeting face-to-face for the first time. It can help them absorb the mild shocks during the process of discovering each other, according to AsianDate.

AsianDate has helped many single men and women find their most compatible partners. The portal has proven systems in place that help online couples make a successful transition from online dating to meeting in person. There are experienced dating experts to help members complete the process with a high percentage of success.

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